WOTL/HTIP Bracelet 3 Pack
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WOTL/HTIP Bracelet 3 Pack

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"What does WOTL mean??"

This is a great conversation starter.

WOTL stands for Wait On The Lord.

And this is followed by the acronym, HTIP: His Timing Is Perfect.

So, start a conversation today with these stretchy, bright, water-friendly bands.


Why have a plain rubber bracelet when you can have a stretchy fabric one? 🤩🥳


Green and Black

Front says: "W.O.T.L."

Bracelet is reversible and says “WAIT ON THE LORD” on the other side.



Front says: "H.T.I.P."

Bracelet is reversible and says “HIS TIMING IS PERFECT” on the other side.


Bracelets made out of a stretchy elastic polyester/fabric blend. The blend is a quick-drying material. Includes a patch with our round “46 Ten” logo featured in white.

Adult size: 7.6 inches in length

Small size: 6.3 inches in length


Sizing: stretchy to fit all wrist sizes!