We have committed to donating 10% of our profits to The Grace Alliance.

We recognize that even though awareness is a vital part of mental health growth, measurable and professional change is also important.


Why Do We Donate?

We started this brand because of the effect that mental health has had on both us, our loved ones, and society as a whole in recent years. 


The mental health statistics that urged us to start this brand:

Our Giving

We recognize that although we promote mental health awareness as a brand, we are not mental health professionals. Because we know how important professional knowledge is in this field, we have partnered with The Grace Alliance to donate 10% of our profits to their mission.


Excerpt From Their Website:

"Mental Health Grace Alliance is creating a new future for mental health in the body of Christ … with real results

In 2011, Mental Health Grace Alliance (“The Grace Alliance”) was founded to create practical and grace-filled resources for those living with mental health challenges (individuals + marriages/families). Mental Health Grace Alliance curriculums utilize a whole-health (i.e., holistic) approach, integrating evidence-based science (neuroscience, psychology, biomedical, etc.) and Biblical scriptures/faith experience for mental health recovery (resilience).

The amazing impact of the Grace Alliance programs and training was published in four journals, with results showing:

  1. Participants saw a reduction in mental health symptoms

  2. Participants were aided in overall mental health recovery

  3. Participants experienced a renewal of their faith

  4. Training increases confidence and skills to respond and minister to mental health challenges

Mental Health Grace Alliance has reached 25 countries with thousands utilizing the resources and hundreds of Grace Alliance groups (Grace + Thrive Groups)."